Meet Jonathan Shaw

Transforming ideas into reality, driving projects, finding solutions, connecting people and adding value is key for Jon. In 2015 Jonathan opted for change from his latest business venture and embarked on a sabbatical, an intense Swimrun training regime and eventually got trained in Cognitive Behavioral coaching at the Association of Coaching in London.

Having his first start-up whilst still at university, Jonathan has substantial experience in management with a hands-on multi-disciplinary approach in setting up and running businesses. His skills in communication, leading teams and creative spark adds value to clients, top management, board of directors and shareholders. Jonathan has worked in various sectors starting with event management, TV production, marketing, online travel, retail and igaming.

The hands-on experience of setting up, running organisations and leading teams have today further complemented his coaching style and approach. This further consolidates his understanding of the client’s needs, perspective and transformational journey.

In September 2018 Jonathan published his first book titled #Forty, be the change. He also conceptualised two new coaching models which articles got published in the journal of Coaching Psychology International VOLUME 12, ISSUE 1. Autumn 2019.

Currently living in Malta, Jonathan has also lived and worked in Sydney and New York.