Coaching course that shows result in 3 months.

Breakthrough Coaching is present and future oriented and tackles the blocks that are holding you individually and/ or your team collectively from moving forward.

Whilst Jonathan Shaw is the lead coach at Coaching Minds, we collaborate with a number of other established coaching professionals to properly align with the size and scope of a project when needed.

Our core competence and niche service offering focuses on cognitive behavior, transformational and performance coaching. We fulfill this coaching with both individuals and teams through two 12-week coaching programmes.

Executive Coaching for Individuals

This programme focusses on the executive as a unique individual and works by achieving alignment between business and personal goals whilst supporting individuals to be the best versions of themselves. Each executive is coached on a specific and tailor-made set of objectives which are identified and agreed upon.

Achieving Breakthrough for Teams

The Breakthrough coaching programme helps individuals and teams reframe the team dynamics and reach performance goals both on a collective and also on a personal level. Consequentially, it raises personal and collective motivation and expectations to reach unprecedented high levels.