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Motivate & Engage
Your Team for Success

Our 12-week Breakthrough Coaching Programme puts an instant action plan in place to transform your company through coaching, with individual and collective growth.

We deliver a return on your investment and a transformed team that can’t wait to action your vision.


Jon’s training isn’t all talk. His practical coaching provides an exciting roadmap for long-term transformation.


Designed to take just 12 weeks, your bespoke coaching structure follows a timeline for success.


Complete your transformation to witness clear wins and have a more engaged team

Coaching your team to success

An under-performing team could be damaging your company’s potential. As a business leader, you may run a great company but you don’t necessarily have the tools to create an effective team. Ineffective teams can slow productivity, stifle results, and hinder success.

Consider this:

  • Is your team as engaged as it could be?
  • Do you have a plan in place to solve internal issues?
  • Is the whole team pulling the same rope and heading in the same
  • Is you business operation out of sync with your vision?

The truth is, your team should be a support not a hindrance. Our lead coach, Jon Shaw, comes from a hands-on business leadership and C-level background, so he understands your frustration and has developed the tools needed to shift shared performance into positive action.

And this process isn’t just for teams that are very dysfunctional – sometimes businesses just need to tweak their processes or mindset to get the desired results. Either way, you and your team will start a completely new chapter in just 12 weeks of individual and collective coaching.

What's your next step?

Coaching That Breaks Through

Jon is not your average coach. As a former-CEO and business owner, he has experienced the joys and discomforts of running a business and leading a team. He understands the unique challenges this poses and your frustration at not quite being able to reach your collective capacity.

He now brings that experience into the training room, to guide your team through a coaching process that exceeds expectations and delivers results fast. It promises a return on your investment, and quickly unlocks your team’s potential for success.

“I have developed the system that I needed when I was running an organisation,” Jon says. “Having been frustrated by the lack of support and results-oriented options that were  available when I needed coaching, I knew I had to create a system that would deliver.”

"Breakthrough can be achieved in just 12 weeks. The process is engaging, fast-paced and effective.”

How Breakthrough Coaching Works


Chat to Jon

You’ll have a Discovery Call with Jon to highlight your challenges and goals. No matter the size of your team or the challenges you are facing as a leader, Jon will know the coaching solution to suit.

We Create Your Bespoke Plan

There’s nothing cut and paste about our coaching. No matter the challenges you face or the bottlenecks holding you back, Jon will craft a process and timeline that delivers for your circumstances.

You Break Through

One-on-one coaching. Team sessions. Strategy training. The combination varies but the results don’t: you and your team will achieve the breakthrough you need to start a new chapter, in 12 weeks or less.

What Our Clients Say About Our Coaching

We engaged Jon to work with our team at a critical time for our company. We were embarking on a restructuring process that needed us to be aligned and focused on the future so that we could take the right decision. His coaching model guided us to do exactly that, and it helped us to understand one another and set clear goals for the future. Since his sessions we have cruised ahead and felt very energised. It was just what we needed and we are already seeing results.

Jo CaruanaCEO – Writemeanything

I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Shaw recently on a senior leadership team building exercise. Jon brought to bear his insights into the human psyche and what it takes to optimize team performance. His style and methodology was perfect for our team and we’ve been very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Jon for coaching and organizational performance challenges.

Industry Executive & Private equity investorJ.F.Healthcare, London

Jonathan is the right person to go to for coaching, I had been stuck on one issue that was halting me from improving myself for years and stuck on another one for months. Both were enlisted in our first session and practically cleared by the last. Jonathan has the ability to allow you clear your mind from the clutter, as well as fear and stalling, simply by applying his modus operandi to your situation. His attitude has always been a fab one, and as a coach, this quality has blossomed even more and made his skills all the more successful. I definitely recommend Jon for coaching.

E.B.C.Architects, Malta

We at ÖTILLÖ worked together with Jonathan Shaw to put on the first ÖTILLÖ race on Malta. Working with Jon is a true pleasure, he is very efficient and professional. But the skill I mostly appreciate working together with Jon is that he is very good in finding solutions or new ways of approaching problems or difficulties that occurs, always with a smile. Jon has also coached us in making our organization work in a more efficient way with an easy method that really worked.

Mats SkottÖTILLÖ, Director – Sweden

Jonathan is a great coach and mentor. The method and ease with which he puts his clients at when mentoring and coaching places the client in the driving seat rather than himself and this contributes enormously to enabling the client to achieve the maximum benefit of any coaching.

Albert PetrocochinoAMSM Ltd

Had the pleasure of working with Jon and involving him with some stakeholders within the business. Created some short-term focus points in a very busy agenda to tackle some low hanging fruits while also sharing some excellent tips and tricks to get even more out of the business throughout an interactive workshop.

Sirp de WitCEO, Inovatiq Media